August 2, 2017

Property Clean Up, Debris Removal, Winterizing, Renovation, and Security

Special Asset Clean Up, Debris Removal, Winterizing, Renovation, Security and Monitoring

Property clean up, junk removal, winterizing, and security can be a daunting task. To protect your assets and to maximize their value, engage the Illinois Receiver. We have the right tools and experience to complete the most difficult cleanups efficiently and to your satisfaction. We can do everything from a small cleanup to a complete renovation. Big or small we do it all:

  • Clean Up
  • Junk Remowal
  • Winterizing
  • Renovation
  • Security
  • Monitoring

For more information call 312-999-8842.

Illinois Receiver provides a wide range of services to secure and to monitor physical assets ranging from residential alarm systems and video monitoring to commercial fire detection, assess control, and military grade encrypted security systems.  Our security systems are 24/7 monitored and may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Smart Security Systems (hardwired or wireless) with remote access, live-viewing, and notifications
  • Video Monitoring that could include day/night viewing-recording, motion detection, infrared detection, radar detection, voice recognition, facial recognition, people counting, live remote viewing, and other cutting-edge security technologies
  • Commercial fire detection and monitoring systems
  • Fleet management and GPS tracking of vehicles
  • Remote control and monitoring of HVAC, lights, and other building systems
  • Access control
  • Flood and water leak detection

For a free estimate and/or more information please call 312-999-8842, or contact the Office of the Illinois Receiver using the form below. Licensed Illinois Private Alarm Contractor, License No. 124.001995:

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